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The benefits of natural stone at a fraction of the price

Many people prefer natural stone faux stone without realizing that faux stone veneers provide many of the same benefits of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Several owners wishing to personalize their homes, faux stone veneers  provide the consumer with the opportunity to purchase any type of stone without the region and maritime limits.

Unlike natural stone, faux pellicle stone is consistent in terms of color, size and texture especially noticeable in larger projects. Faux stone veneers offer endless design possibilities for interior and exterior projects by adding character and value to any space. There are stones that are larger, such as castle and classic.



Arcadia Ledge faux stone panels look great for any project, indoors or out. Imagine a faux stone veneer that can do it all. A stone veneer that could be used in small rooms with minimal furniture or in a large space with antiques. Faux stone can be produced in different styles and colors, making it easy to find the right one for your type of project. Arcadia Ledge Stone is a versatile stone style that accommodates many stylistic preferences. Install this ledge stone on la facade of a house  in the basement on a fireplace or in your garden for an accent wall. It fits just about anywhere.


Fake Ashlar stone is easily confused with real natural stone. The best way to answer these questions is first and foremost to direct them to Ashlar stone veneer designs. These specific rock veneer pieces are designed with lovers of traditional decor in mind. Every measure is taken to create a level of authenticity that can match the look and feel of natural stone veneer. Ashlar stone products are wall veneers en fake stone  but many mistook them for natural stone. Their deep colors and rustic patterns make them ideal for exterior facades as well as interior accent walls.



Traditional interior decorative stone veneer.

Caledon Ledge manufactured stone veneer creates the ideal balance between contemporary and classic design. It consists of a combination of smooth-faced stones with clearly defined angular edges, as well as more rustic rock-faced stones. This modern interpretation is in tune with the current desire to marry the old and the new. With its relatively flat profile, minimal ledges and straight, linear lines, the Caledon Ledge is un interior decorative stone veneer  perfect transition, able to highlight any architectural style, whether it is an interior or exterior stone wall.


A rugged and rustic elegance, Carolina Ledge is equally at home in a variety of design applications. Cast stone siding has a classic, old-world presence that's perfect for a rustic setting like a lakeside cabin or in the mountains. Its long, linear stones also evoke a bolder, more modern look, especially when set in a tight application – think of a downtown apartment or an upscale bistro.





The faux stones are large and have an organic shape.

The classic fieldstone look immediately suggests a traditional design palette. Heavy wood furniture and cast iron fixtures can be combined to form a cohesive aesthetic. When using fieldstones indoors, remember to consider the size of the pellicle stone. Faux stones that are large and have an organic shape can be overbearing when installed in a small space. You must specify the stone veneer  enough space for it to create accent without space support. With organic shaped faux stone veneer like stones, we have seen great results for outdoor projects and on fireplace facings, indoors and out. It creates an elegant design that reflects the aesthetics of traditional homes.



Limestone can be used in a variety of applications. It can be installed on the exterior and interior of a building on a framed surface. Use it in combination with stucco, faux siding or en brick  on the exterior of your home or create a rustic basement and cover an accent wall. This particular faux veneer facing stone is very easy to imagine because of its long history. If you lack vision for your project just open a book on 19th or 20th century buildings. You are sure to find inspiration from one of these old buildings which are most likely clad in limestone.






Rubble stone allows you to express a more relaxed personality. A textured, grainy surface with soft edges gives the Southern Rubble stone  a less formal look. Primarily made of rectilinear shaped stones, the cut is less structured, creating a warm and welcoming presence. The occasional addition of a strategically placed oversized square stone creates a seemingly random look that makes each project truly one of a kind. Southern Rubble is available in a variety of color palettes from warm beiges and browns to cool shades of gray and even combinations that incorporate both, allowing you to customize your look to suit your personal style.


By choosing a stone with a neutral aesthetic like Rocky Ledge, you have endless options to create a unique and personal look. With a variety of colors to choose from, the question is whether you want it to blend in or stand out. une decorative stone  in similar colors to the elements around it creates a monochromatic look that adds a calm and subtle sophistication. A stone of complementary colors contrasting sharply with the surrounding elements will draw more attention to it and create a more dramatic effect. Composed of individual stones of moderate dimensions, it is as versatile as an interior stone veneer as it is an exterior stone veneer. It can be used as a fireplace front, an accent wall, or even a kitchen backsplash, without overwhelming the space.





Faux stone panel patterns are the choice for contemporary design. Have you been looking for a decorative material that reflects your signature contemporary taste for what's new and fresh? Quick Fit Ledge Panels are the solution for all lovers of contemporary design. If a stone veneer panel is what you need to decorate your fireplace, living room, kitchen or home exterior, then look no further than Quick Fit Ledge. These stones are designed for contemporary homes with contemporary decor; no other stone panel veneer can be combined so perfectly with today's cool furniture styles.



Stack Ledgestone features a unique style that juxtaposes its strong contemporary lines with its furrowed texture, creating a rustic simplicity that pairs well with industrial, minimalist, or mid-century modern designs. The sharp character created by these two opposing characteristics brings a down to earth vibe that bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary design.

Strictly a dry stack application, Stack Ledgestone is a DIYer's dream. Faux stone panels are remarkably simple to install, require minimal tools and mess, yet create dramatic impact.

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